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Basketball Motivation

After long days at school followed by late-night basketball practice, it can be challenging to keep your youth athlete motivated, especially when you’re months out from your first game. Here are seven helpful tips to stay hungry for excellence all season long.

Motivational Basketball Quotes

Share the advice of experts when they stress the importance of practice. The professionals are professionals for a reason. Save quotes from your favorite all-stars who have achieved success and take their advice. Here’s a quote from Michael Jordan to hammer home preparation for a game:

“I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come. I don’t do things half-heartedly. Because I know if I do, then I can expect half-hearted results.”

Michael’s quote is one example of many you can pull from to motivate your athlete.  

Participate in Basketball Camps

Thousands of basketball camps are offered all over the country to help youth athletes improve while having fun. Camps range from day-long to overnight to weeks or months long. Attend interactive classes, sharpen your skills, and make lifelong friends.

Watch Iconic Basketball Movies

Every team battles their own form of adversity. Watching classic basketball movies such as Hoosiers, Glory Road, Coach Carter, and more, can help athletes relate to stories often inspired by real events and be inspired to create their own history.  

Attend College/Professional Games Together

Check the schedules for your nearby or local college or professional basketball team, so they can see where hard work and determination can take athletes. Arrive early, watch warmups, and take notes of efforts your athlete can make to improve their game.

Watch Replays of Classic Comeback Games in History

Draw motivation from real-life comeback stories as the team rallied to come back and win. Take lessons from the attitudes of the players on both the winning and losing team throughout the course of the game, and work on bringing to life your own comeback story.

Work on Cross-Training

Take a break from the basketball court and mix in some cross-training to keep things fresh and fun. While you must work on fundamentals like shooting and ball handling, remember to be well conditioned. Try bicycling, swimming laps at the pool, jumping rope, yoga, using a stair climber, and more to get in great basketball shape without wearing yourself down on the basketball court. Remember to stretch prior to your workouts to help your flexibility and mobility, and to prevent injuries.

Have Fun

Don’t forget to enjoy playing basketball. Find time to step away from the seriousness to play family-favorite games such as HORSE, Around the World, or Lightning, or try to create new trick shots. If basketball is fun, your athlete is more apt to stay motivated and play harder.  

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